Love your Lashes – All you need to know about i-flutter

Love your Lashes  – All you need to know about i-flutter

Although there are perms, permanent and luxury fakes, for many of us mascara is still one product we simply can’t feel dressed without!

Mascara completes a look – helping you to look professional, put together and ready for your day…or night.

And we think that in the creation of i-flutter with its intense black colour, we have one of the best mascaras on the market….so get ready for those lashes to flutter!

Why i-flutter ?
An award winning multi-effect mascara, housed in a chic silver bullet,
that provides volume, separation, length and drama to your lashes
The Technical Bit!
·       I-flutter mascara is formulated with the double effect of both hard waxes and synthetic polymers. Hard waxes help to build the lashes holding the lashes to lengthen and curl whilst the synthetic polymer gives the volume to the formula. The careful balancing of these two ingredients gives the rich and creamy final formula.
·       A fixing film forms an elastic veil helping the mascara adhere to the lash without clumping.
·       Our innovative double fused brush is packed with different length bristles to coat even the smallest and finest of hairs delivering superior separation whilst volumising your lash.
·        I-flutter’s quick drying and water resistant formula keeps the product on your lashes longer despite the British weather!
How to Apply i-flutter?
·       Apply all the way through the lashes, starting at the root using a combination of zig zag and straight sweeps to ensure the entire lash is coated in mascara
·       Two or three fine coats of mascara work much better than one heavy application.
·       Apply to the bottom lashes if required using the point of the mascara wand.
·       Carefully coating the lashes on the outside corners of the eyes will also subtly open up the eye. 

 Remember that once open, mascara has a strict year use-by date and must be replaced after this time. Not only might the air have affected the consistency, most importantly the anti-bacterial properties will have degraded.